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AI/ML Essentials part 3: Gaussian Process Regression

In this article in the AI/ML Essentials series, we will learn about yet another machine learning model—Gaussian Process Regression. In the previous articles, we encountered instances of unsupervised learning (for clustering and density estimation). The last issue presented a simple taxonomy of machine learning, which guides us through the series:

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AI/ML Essentials Part 2: Cluster analysis with (Gaussian) Mixture Models

This is the second part of the series “AI/ML Essentials”, which intends to be a gentle introduction to the topic using mostly layman’s terms and as little mathematics as possible–you don’t need an engineering degree to see the beauty within this fascinating field.

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AI/ML Essentials Part1: Self-Organizing Maps

This article is the start of a series that introduces different models and algorithms to beginners

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