Welcome to Lemonfold.io#

Welcome to my personal website and blog. The name “lemonfold” reflects my fascination for geometric methods in machine learning and robotics especially related to folding and unfolding. It is a verbatim and deliberately inaccurate translation for the German name of Gonepteryx rhamni—a beautiful yellow/lime green butterfly (which happens to be my favorite color). The technology behind this page has been inspired (read: shamelessly copied) from Chris Holdgraf’s website so kudos to him!

On this site, you can find out more about me here and read my blog. I love teaching and explaining so I hope you find my articles interesting and you enjoy reading. Feel free to leave some feedback. You will need a GitHub account and adjust the privacy level accordingly (the cookie symbol at the top) to do so.

Gonepteryx rhamni

This is how Gonepteryx rhamni looks like.#

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