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Citrate Part 1: My First Rust Project

In this blog post, I want to announce Cerebral a framework written in Rust for experimenting with Self-organizing Neural Networks such as the famous Kohonen networks. It is designed in a way that a network can be defined by composing a model out of a variety of algorithm that define its behavior. Unlike deep learning architectures, the behavior is not defined by a composition of layers, loss functions and diverse learning methods. This type of network defines a less hierarchical topology and learning rules affect all neurons at once. Therefore, this project has different goals as prominent deep learning frameworks, and thus, a different architecture. Being my first Rust library (applications are simpler to implement), I had to evaluate a few options to achieve my goal and I often failed enough battling with Rust’s occasionally frustrating type system.

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Announcing the Citrate workspace

Data science with rust! Finally, two years after having started to learn and develop in the Rust programming language, I am happy to find the time to write about my two projects that I have been developing in my rare spare time during the last year.

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